10-1000 MHzBias Tee OBT-0110-1

The Oceanmicrowave BIAS TEES series of products range up to 1. 0GHz. They have good performance in terms of reliability and ease-of-use when compared to cumbersome user-designed bias tees employing off-the-shelf conical inductors.

This series can be designed to inner-only topology and utilized our standard housings for fast turn manufacturing. They are a superior option for biasing amplifiers, lasers, and modulators driven with high frequency data patterns.


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10-1000 MHz Bias Tee OBT-0110-1

10-1000 MHz Bias Tee OBT-0110-1

Part No. OBT-0110-1
Frequency Range 10 - 1000 MHz
Isolation 25 dB Min
Insertion Loss 0.5 dB Max
Current 1000 mA Max
Power 5 Watt Max
Voltage 100 Vdc Max
VSWR 1.20:1 Max