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Double Polarization Horn Antenna

The use of ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna technologies for the UWB radar and communication systems in both military and civilian applications continues to increase, In some high power radar system, high gain and stable phase center is very important, and the ridged horn is very proper for this application. The dual-polarization system can get more information than the single-polarization antenna system; furthermore, the polarization modes at different directions using one radiation aperture make the structure more compaction. So realizing dual-polarization antenna by loading quad-ridged with proper feeding is very important. The quad-ridged horn antenna can employ the dual-polarization character.

The fabricated QRHA unit had an offset feed semi-rigid (50 Ω) coax to waveguide transition using a captivated coaxial female connector. The semi-rigid coax passes through the center of the ridge, and only the inner conductor is exposed in the ridge gap, which terminates in the alignment cavity present on the opposite ridge. A similar orthogonal probe is present for the other pair of ridges having a center to center offset with reference to the first probe.

Dual polarized horn antennas (quad ridged horn antenna) are offered as both standard and custom models with rectangular waveguide borders for both plane and vertical ports. Dual polarized horn antennas support the linear polarized waveforms.

Dual polarized horn antennas offer frequencies of 1GHz to 3GHz, 2GHz to 6GH-z, 6GHz to 18GHz, 18GHz to 40GHz, 22GHz to 44GHz with a nominal gain of 8-20dBi. The impedance of 50 Ohms. In Dual polarized horn antennas connections, the type is 2.92mm Connectors,  SMA Connectors, or N connectors.

Part No Frequency Range(GHz) Gain(dB) Max VSWR Maximum Continuous Power Impedance Connector Cross Polarization Isolation
ODPA60180 6-18 8-13dB <2.0:1 50W 50Ω SMA Connectors >30dB
ODPA180400-20mm 18-40  11-13dB <2.0:1 50W 50Ω 2 -2.92mm Connectors >30dB
ODPA180400-30mm 18-40  13-15dB <2.0:1 50W 50Ω 2 -2.92mm Connectors >30dB
ODPA220440 22-44  15-20dB <2.0:1 50W 50Ω 2 -2.92mm Connectors >30dB