26.5-40GHz   Luneburg lens Antenna
26.5-40GHz   Luneburg lens Antenna    OLLA-265400

26.5-40GHz Luneburg lens Antenna OLLA-265400

Luneburg lens antenna is a spherical dielectric lens antenna, which focuses microwaves to the focal point through dielectric. Luneburg lens antenna is widely used in microwave, millimeter wave, mobile communication, satellite communication and radio astronomy due to its high gain, low profile and multi-feed multi-beam operation.


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Frequency Range(GHz) (26.5-40)GHz
Gain(dB) 20 dBi
Return Loss (dB) <-20 dB
Beam width 30 degree@21GHz
Polarization type All polarizations
Sidelobe Leve -20 dB
Diameter dimensions 40mm
Antenna weight 32 g