0.38GHz – 18GHz  Log Periodic Antenna
0.38GHz – 18GHz  Log Periodic Antenna  OLP-380M-180

0.38GHz – 18GHz Log Periodic Antenna OLP-380M-180

Every Test-Antenna goes through rigorous testing in our laboratories before dispatch and is equipped with a high quality GOLD COATING, a high-tech RF antenna-case (radome) which offers protection against mechanical damage and environmental influence, a top-quality integrated tripod connection and a SMA RF-Connector (18GHz version) with twist protection.

All antennas include a complete high resolution (10MHz steps!) calibration data set with up to 533 calibration points (on CD). This offers the ability to make a very accurate EC measurement with any Spectrum Analyzer.


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    Frequency Range(GHz) 0.38-18
Nominal impedance 50 Ohm
VSWR 1:2.5(Typ.)
Gain 5dBi
RF connection SMA (f) or N (see optional adapter)
Tripod connection 1/4"
Calibration points 1163(10MHz-steps)
Dimensions (L/W/D) 590x360x30mm
Weight 1000gr